Course Overview

The gaming industry is booming! In this class students will learn what makes their favorite games work and will design and program games of their own. This course will also introduce students to the in's and out's of the software gaming industry.

Course Objectives

You will:

  • Provide an introduction to how games are made and what it is like to work in the industry
  • Improve problem solving skills and critical thinking ability
  • Develop team skills … the industry is a collaborative place!
  • Develop fun GUI and console based games
  • Demonstrate beginning competency in the C# programming language
  • Understand and follow good SW development practices


C# 4.0 Pocket Reference (provided in-class)


You must have a King's High School network account (requires Computer Use Agreement)

At home requirements

  • If you remain focused and use in-class time well, you should be able to complete all course requirements at school, and have no need to work at home.
  • However, you are able to work at home if you desire. There are two options:
  • We will be using the later option (Microsoft Visual C# Express) in class.
  • You will also need a thumb-drive to transfer your code/project data to and from school


The majority of your grade will come from the code you write. The remainder will come from tests/quizzes, class participation, and teamwork. Here is the breakdown:

  • 60% Class projects
  • 20% Tests and quizzes
  • 10% Participation
  • 10% Teamwork