DayDateChapterTopicPageConcepts Covered
Wed09-07IntroWelcomeIntroductions, class procedures/rules
Thu09-08H/WHistory, analog/digital, architecture, Moore's Law, OS's
Identify 3 "computers" at home
Fri09-09S/WDefn, number systems, compilers/interpreters, languages
"How-stuff-works" at home
Mon09-12AlgosIntro to AlgorithmsLight-Bot Game
Tue09-13" "
Wed09-14" "
Thu09-15" "
Fri09-16Algorithm Practice ActivityPutting away your clothes
Mon09-19Algorithm Practice ActivityLargest number algo
Tue09-20" "" "
Thu09-22" "Flow-chart largest number algo
Fri09-23Desk-checkingDesk-checkingDefn, practice on largest number algo
Mon09-26Algorithm Practice ActivitySorting a list of numbers
Tue09-27" "" "
Wed09-28TestAlgo/Flow-chart TestPutting your money where your mouth is…
Thu09-29CodingVariablesHow data is stored and handled
Fri09-30Coding: Ifs and LoopsBasic control statements
Mon10-03Coding: Switch and BoolsOther control methods
Tue10-04Coding: Logical operatorsDecision making
Wed10-05Coding: ArraysThe most basic data structure!
Thu10-06First ProgramFirst program: Hello WorldConsole apps, simple output (WriteLine), intro to IDE
Mon10-10Strings and Basic I/OStrings, ConcatCombining strings and special chars
Tue10-11HelloUserString Variables, parametric output, input (ReadLine)
Wed10-12MadLib programSimple string manipulation
Thu10-13" "" "
Mon10-17PigLatinSTAIR Design MethodSTAIR Design Method
Tue10-18PigLatin ProjectString manipulation
Wed10-19" "
Thu10-20" "
Fri10-21" "
Mon10-24" "
Tue10-25" "
Wed10-26" "
Thu10-27TestingHello? Is this thing on?How to make sure it actually works
Fri10-28Break WordPadCreate test plan for WordPad "File Open" dialog
Mon10-31" "
Tue11-01ClassesIntro to ClassesObject oriented programming
Wed11-02Class Members
Thu11-03CritterCritter Project
Fri11-04" "
Mon11-07" "
Tue11-08" "
Fri11-11Veterans Day
Mon11-14" "
Tue11-15" "
Wed11-16" "
Thu11-17" "
Fri11-18" "
Mon11-21" "
Tue11-22" "
Wed11-23SpritesSprite MovementManaging sprites on screen
Mon11-28" "
Tue11-29Keyboard Control
Wed11-30Screen Bounds
Thu12-01Collision Detection
Fri12-02PongPong Game Project
Mon12-05" "
Tue12-06" "
Wed12-07" "
Thu12-08" "
Fri12-09" "
Mon12-12" "
Tue12-13FinalFinal Project
Wed12-14" "
Thu12-15" "
Fri12-16" "
Mon12-19Christmas Break
Tue12-20Christmas Break
Wed12-21Christmas Break
Thu12-22Christmas Break
Fri12-23Christmas Break
Mon12-26Christmas Break
Tue12-27Christmas Break
Wed12-28Christmas Break
Thu12-29Christmas Break
Fri12-30Christmas Break
Mon01-02Christmas Break
Tue01-03" "
Wed01-04" "
Thu01-05" "
Fri01-06" "
Mon01-09" "
Tue01-10" "
Wed01-11" "
Thu01-12" "
Fri01-13" "
Mon01-16Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tue01-17" "
Wed01-18" "
Thu01-19" "
Fri01-20" "
Mon01-23" "
Tue01-24" "
Wed01-25" "
Thu01-26" "
Fri01-27Last day of class!