Too funny to pass up...
Fun Projects
Combined Team Battlebot Contest
Remote-Control Battlebot Contest
Dual Brick Bluetooth Battlebot Contest

Too Funny To Pass Up!


Fun Projects

Students just had fun!  They created a variety of projects exploring concepts learned in the course.

Segway using a light sensor

A stair climber

A robotic arm

An NXT construction crane (team Ids)

A machine gun (team Buttkickers)

A catapult (team Peterbilt)

Another machinegun (team Deannie)

An electric guitar (team Rice Crackers)

Combined Team Battlebot Contest

Team Deannie

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Team Peterbilt

pix pix pix pix

Team Rice Crackers

pix pix pix pix

Team Ids

pix pix pix pix

Team Buttkickers

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Remote-Control Battlebot Contest

Students designed a remote-control Battlebot using two NXT bricks.  One was the remote-control, the other drove the Battlebot.  Commands from the remote-control (master) brick were sent to the Battlebot (slave) using bluetooth.

Here are a few movies of the contest!

One-on-one battles

A free-for-all battle

Would you please learn to drive?

Dual-Brick Bluetooth Battlebot Contest

The students created a battlebot using two NXT bricks with AI controlling the bot.  The bricks communicated using Bluetooth.  One brick was the master with all sensors connected to it.  The 2nd brick was the slave.  The master made all decisions and sent a command to the slave brick.  Motor control was split between the two bricks.

Team Id verses team Buttkickers

Team Id verses team Peterbilt

Team Buttkickers verses team Deannie

Rice Crackers verse Deannie 1st

Rice Crackers verse Deannie 2nd