Okay, engineering is COOL!

...not an endorsement of Red Bull...


Simply the most amazing engineering feat in the history of mankind! Learn more here.

You could do this in college too!

Fastest robotic arm in the world!

Engineering is art...and...seeing things in unusual ways...

Dancing Pendulums

PVC Pipe Comes to Life

Robotic Hovercraft

Search and rescue robots working in Japan

Click here to read the full story.

High-Speed Robotic Hand

Betcha never thought Legos could do this!

2010 Annual Review of Robotics!

The First Robotic Astronaut!

A Fingerless Robotics Hand That Can Pick Up Anything

It's movements are so real they're creepy!

A robotic musician that listens to what is being played and improvises on its own!

2010 Robotics World Championship ... our team is shown at about 1:31...

Live fire training robots for the military

Carving a perfect motorcycle helmet out of a solid block of aluminum!

Check out the fluid movement!

Robotic pack mule being designed for the Army...check out how it does on ice!

Very interesting talk by one of the world's leading robotics experts...

The Eyes of Flies!

fly eyes
...actually this affects robotics...read article to learn how!

Okay, this just plain rocks! A skiing robot...

Ever wondered what computers will look like in 10 years?

Minority Report like computers? Well, check this out!

Very cool little all-terrain bot the military is evaluating for battlefield use ...

General stuff

fighting robot

Mr. Stigs found this ... robot fight club.

stair climbing robot

Cool site describing a stair climbing bot. Includes a discussion about the engineering theory and design!

he bad

Is this lady making a T-800??? Computer-brain interface for the disabled!

foosball table

...or how about these guys ... too much time on their hands?