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Old News

2/28 - Mission trip forms

Here are all the forms required for the mission trip. Please note the form requiring notarization.

Please complete and return to Mr. T as soon as possible:

12/13 - Bowled-Over Rules in a Nutshell (the CliffsNotes version...)

  • NEVER touch their crate while it is in their protected area (including home zone)
  • You CAN mess with their crate as long as:
    • It isn't in their protected area
    • AND you only touch it on one side
  • If a bot is carrying a crate, they are considered one unit:
    • If you are touching the bot, you are touching the crate
  • NEVER put their elements (crates, bowling ball) in your protected area
  • During the end game, NEVER touch their home zone or bowling ball
  • Drive team members must NEVER touch a game element or remove it from the field
  • NEVER damage, tip, entangle, etc their bot

11/22 - Key Rules Summary

Rule Penalty Description
G7 DQ Robot deliberately detaches parts in scoring area
G8 DQ Deliberate tipping, entanglement, or damage
SG1 DQ Drive Team touching or repositioning the Balls, Ball Tubes, or Ball Crates
SG2 40+DQ De-scoring Balls from OA's Ball Crates in PA or Off-field Goal
SG12 40+DQ Playing a Ball in the OA's Off-field Goal
G5 40 Coach touches Gamepad joystick controller after start of Match (warning, then...)
SG4 40 2nd occurrence of removing Bowling Ball, Magnet Ball, crate from field (may DQ)
SG6 40 Making contact w/OA's Ball Crate or Stack in its PA
SG7 40 Making contact w/OA's Robot or carried Ball Crate in the process of Stacking or carrying in PA
SG8 40 Stacking a Ball Crate on top of OA's Ball Crate or Stack
SG9 40 Pushing an OA's Ball Crate or Bowling Ball onto your HZ or PA
SG10 40 Making contact with an OA's HZ during End Game
SG14 40 Making contact with an OA's Bowling Ball during End Game
G3 5 Drive team outside of Alliance Station (may escalate to DQ)
G4 5 Drive Team contacts field or game object (may escalate to DQ)
G9 5 Pinning (may escalate to DQ)
SG3 5 Drive Team returning Balls to field during a Match (may escalate to DQ)
SG4 5 Removing a non-magnet ball from the field (may escalate to DQ)
SG5 5 Touching more than 1 surface or carrying an OA's Ball Crate
SG15 5 Storing, holding, controlling, containment, etc. of more than 15 Balls
SG13 no end game bonus Bowling ball breaking vertical plane of HZ before End Game


  • OA - Opposing Alliance
  • PA - Protected Area (includes Home Zone)
  • HZ - Home Zone

11/21 - King's Sweeps 1st State Regional Qualifier!

King's teams took 1st place in both the Cascade and Olympic divisions, qualifying all three King's High School FTC teams for the State tournament Jan 17 & 18.

In addition, the CyberKnights (3717) won the Cascade division Inspire award, the CyberDaze (4590) won the Cascade division Motivate award, and the CyberReign (5076) won the Olympic division Rockwell Collins Innovate award as well as being the runner up for the Inspire award!

Go King's Robotics!

11/14 - Important parent information

  • Must return the signed event release form to Mr. T no later than Fri Nov 18th
  • Must reply to Mr. T no later than Fri Nov 24th whether or not your student is commiting to go on the spring break team mission trip
  • Send $5 with your student for Sunday lunch meal, Nov 20th competition
  • Send $40 check with your student for team t-shirts

10/3 - Another VERY Important Note/Tip from the Game Design Committee:

Tip from the Game Design Committee: Robots entering the Opposing Alliance's Protected Area when it contains Ball Crates is a risky action that should be avoided

9/28 - VERY Important Note/Tip from the Game Design Committee:

The following is a quote from the FTC forums:

  • Rule violations that result in major (40-point) penalties are a very good indication that the Game Design Committee doesn't want teams or robots to perform the described action under any circumstances. It is strongly recommended that when a rule states not to touch something, not to enter an area, etc. the robot should remain a safe distance from the object, area, etc. For example, don't push the Bowling Ball close to the Home Zone prior to the start of the End Game.

9/27 - Adjusted work schedule

In order to ensure each team has sufficient mentor assistance during the weekdays, we've adjusted the weekday work schedule by adding Wednesday and staggering the days teams are in the lab:

3717 X X X X
4590 X X X X
5076 X X X X

Weekdays: 3:15pm - 5:15pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

9/14 - How to follow us on Twitter

Parents (and others!), Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with our robotics teams. Stay up on important schedule information, find out how we're doing at a tournament in realtime!

The great thing is you can get updates to our Twitter account (tweets) texted directly to your cell!

All you need to do is follow us (KingsRobotics) here for directions!

As always, the best way to get info on the team is right here...this website! :)

9/10 - Game Manual and Info for Bowled Over

And here is a link to all of the info for this year's game including the game manual!

9/8 - ***UPDATE*** Season Kick-off Event Info

We have the transportation straightened out - thanks Martin family!

Students are to meet at the high school no later than 7:40 to load the equipment. We will be leaving at 8am sharp...if you aren't there when we leave, you'll have to find your own way down!

For clarification, the event is at the Seattle Museum of Flight, address:

  • 9404 East Marginal Way S.
  • Seattle, WA 98108-4097

9/7 - Season Kick-off Event Info

We need to be at the Museum of Flight by 8:30. Ran into some transportation problems and are working those out. Expect to update by tomorrow. Intent is to carpool together to the event, leaving the school at 8am.

There will be workshops perhaps going into the afternoon, we will play these by ear. We expect to be back at the school no later than 3pm, must earlier if possible.

8/30 - Schedule reminders...

Regular season meetings start Thursday Sept 8th:

  • Weekdays after school (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) from 3:15-5:15pm
  • Saturdays from 10am-4pm

A very important parent meeting will be held immediately after PIN (Parent Information Night). Please let Mr. Thompson know if unable to attend.


We had to move the date for the RobotC class to Saturday the 27th. This will be a great opportunity for everyone from beginners to advanced programmers!

By the way, did you know that in this difficult job market, there is one job that has tons of openings? Read this article to find out which one!

8/3 - It *LIVES*!

The new King's 3rd FTC Robotics team lives! TeamX (for lack of a better name right now) came into existence this morning as team 5076!

Long live 5076!

7/30 - What's coming up this summer?

  1. Summer Robotics Camp for elementary will be running the 1st two weeks of August. There will be a morning session (9am-noon) and an afternoon session (noon - 3pm) the 1st week, and only a morning session the 2nd week. Text or email Mr. T if you are able to help; a total of 45 service hours are available! Classes will held in the high school robotics lab room 210.
  2. Also, on August 15 we have an outreach opportunity from 8am to noon: the team will be representing FIRST at an education fair and showing off our bot. We need 2 students from last year's team to help...all you need to do is be willing to share about how fun and wonderful FIRST and FTC are! :) Five service hours are available; text or email Mr. T if you can help. The event will be held at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center, SeaTac, WA. Transportation provided.
  3. Finally, on August 20th we plan to host a RobotC programming class for local FTC teams! Stay tuned for more info!
  4. Oh yeah ... don't forget! Robotics team meetings start back up on Aug 17th! :) Let the fun times begin!

6/1 - Some great reading recommendations

New Cool book Tips and Tricks book Aim High book

5/31 - Congrats to our new team members!

Congrats to our new team members!

  • Chad Abramson
  • Dalton Caughell
  • Jared Clemens
  • Noah Elliot
  • Zach Frohardt
  • Jon Fuller
  • Duncan Hook
  • Alex Kim
  • Gavin Langer
  • Josh Lee
  • Steve Lee
  • Quinn Martin
  • Jackie Ramirez
  • Jon Rasmussen
  • Payton Ratzliff
  • Jeff Stack
  • Chris Stroemel

We have enough qualified new members to form a new 3rd team! Now all we need to do is find a new adult mentor for the new team! :) What a great problem to have!!

Here is our preliminary roster:

team roster

Team poster

5/18 - Team tryouts are coming soon!

If you are interested in trying out for next year's team, tryouts will be held Mon May 23 - Wed May 25 in the high school robotics lab (room 210).

Tryouts will last 2 hours and are designed to help us understand how you think and solve problems. Don't worry if you can't complete a task, just do your best and work through the problems!

Here is the application needs to be returned to Mr. T by Monday May 23rd. Please note you will need a math teacher and a science teacher recommendation (forms included in the application packet).

5/2 - King's CyberDaze finish 8th at the FTC World Championship!

After finishing 1st in their division (Edison) during the qualifying rounds, the King's CyberDaze finished 8th overall in the 2011 FTC World Championship! An amazing showing for a rookie team!

The CyberKnights battled FCS communication problems match after match. With the problem only manifesting on the competition field, the team was forced to troubleshoot in the blind, testing their changes during the next official match. We're not exactly sure which changes actually fixed the problems but the last two changes we made were swapping our Samantha module (thanks Syzygy!) and turning off bluetooth on the brick. Either way, the bot worked perfectly in the last match, where teamed with Artificial Stupidity we dominated.

4/29 - King's CyberDaze finish 1st in Edison Divison of the FTC World Championship!

The King's CyberDaze (team 4590) finished 1st in their division of 64 teams becoming the #1 finalist alliance captain for Edison division. To put this in perspective, they finished as one of the top two teams in the world at the end of two grueling days of qualification matches! Doing so provided them a significant seeding advantage for the final rounds.

Tomorrow (Saturday April 30th) at 7:30am central time, they must defeat three other alliances in the semi-finals to earn the right to compete against the finalist from the other division, the Franklin division. The winner of this final match will take home the World Championship trophy. The CyberDaze selected two excellent teams from their division to join them in their finalist round alliance: team Syzygy (#3231) from Franklin High School (Dennis Cho's team!) and team RCXRM (#245) from British Columbia. The semi-final rounds begin at 7:30am and the final match round begins at 9:30am.

In the other division, the Franklin division, the CyberKnights finally nailed the problem that had stumped them and the field technicians for two days. In their final match, 3717 ran the way we've come to expect them to and utterly dominated the field with a score 91 to 54 (one of the highest scores of the event). The CyberKnights were able to hit the center dispenser in autonomous mode and would have emptied it but the 1st baton stuck halfway out. As strong as this final showing was, it was too late in the game to earn them a seat in the final rounds. They come home knowing they were able to fight through a set of problems that baffled the professional engineer field experts and that they were able to show everyone what they can really do. We are very proud of them: they dealt with a weight of discouragement and pressure that would bow most adults. As I mentioned yesterday, they just experienced a glimpse of Apollo 13.

Unfortunately, the CyberDaze were not allowed to ask the CyberKnights to join them in the final rounds; you are not able to form a finalist alliance across divisions. Had they been able to, it would have been a dynamo powerhouse alliance! As it stands, the CyberDaze were able to form a very powerful alliance that will be difficult to beat!

A special thanks goes out to two of our FTC friends: team 3231 Syzygy (the Franklin team) for loaning 3717 a good Samantha (WiFi) module enabling us to finally get running, and team 2827 Artificial Stupidity (great name huh?) of Durham NC for their amazing encouragement and support.

Go King's CyberDaze, bring home the World Championship trophy!

4/26 - Safe in St. Louis

The team is settled safe and sound in the hotel and both bots have passed all their subsystem checks.

Here is a team poster created by Michelle Yang, our #1 robotics fan! Thanks Michelle!

CyberKnights Poster by Michelle Yang

4/19 - Trip itinerary

To St. Louis:

  • Alaska AS754, Apr 26, 2011, leave school at 8:45am (flight departure is 11:35am)

Return to Seattle:

  • Alaska AS755, May, 2011, return to school around 9:30pm (flight arrival is 8:40pm)

4/19 - Trip paperwork

Following are the two documents we must have for each student. Please print, fill out & return to Mr. T no later than Monday 4/25:

4/15 - The bots are shipped!

We handed off our "babies" to Kenny and Julie Smith of United Van Lines ... they are on their way to St. Louis!

I heard from Julie via email last night that the bots spent the night in Billings MT after traveling the first 826 miles and are back on the road today. Thanks Julie!

2/14 - CyberDaze are Idaho State Champions!

Saturday 2/12 was another great day for King's Robotics:

  • CyberDaze 4590: 1st place, captain winning alliance, Inspire Award

Congrats to teams RCXRM (245) and Swerve (417) for their outstanding performance and robots!

1/17 - CyberKnights are Washington State Champions!

Sunday 1/16 was a great day for King's Robotics:

Congrats to teams Syzygy, SAAS and BritBots for their outstanding performance and robots! We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!

The Enumclaw Patch newspaper has a great article covering the event and excellent coverage of King's teams. Here is their video coverage:

Also, the King's Schools site has a story up about the team ... check it out!

12/14 - 2nd State Qualifier Results

Last Sunday was a great day for Kings Robotics:

  • CyberKnights 3717: 1st place qualifier round, captain winning alliance, PTC Design award
  • CyberDaze 4590: 3rd place qualifier round, member of winning alliance, Judges award

12/10 - 2nd State Qualifier Info

This Sunday Dec 12, both King's FTC teams will be competing in the 2nd of two state regional events:

12/6 - State Qualifier Update

  • Congrats to the varsity team 3717: they won the Galileo Division competition and the Inspire award! They were also finalist for virtually every award in their division. Go CyberKnights!
  • The junior varsity (team 4590) also had a great day. Battling an electrical problem that itermittently shutdown their bot, they finished 11th of 25 in the qualifier round and were a member of the finalist alliance. They will get another shot at qualifying for state this Sunday at the Henry M. Jackson qualifier event. This was quite an accomplishment as they were the youngest team on the field having started only four weeks ago!

12/4 - Tahoma HS Qualifier Info!

We will be leaving from school as a team at 5:30am. See below for link to map.

11/27 - St. Louis Here We Come!

We won the Inspire Award yesterday at the BC Regional Championship Tournament which advances us to the World Championship in April! Go CyberKnights!

team with award

Next week both King's FTC teams will be competing in the 1st of two state regional events:

Event schedule for the regionals can be found on the FIRST WA site.


Here is the FIRST consent form anyone that is going to BC must fill out and have signed by your parent. The event name is "FTC BC Pilot Tournament".

Click here for the event schedule.

Make sure you bring:

  • Passport
  • Signed FIRST consent form
  • 3717 t-shirts (as many as you have)
  • Check for your two t-shirts, $40.40 made out to King's High School ($20.20 each)
  • About $25 for food (lunch and dinner)

We will meet at the school at 5:30am and will leave at 6am no matter what! If you're late you won't be going with us!

The event is being held at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Gymnasium SE-16. The address is 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby BC.

11/21 - Please note...

Please note the practice schedule this week.

These are our last few days before the BC event and we still have lots to do!

11/20 - Congrats to King's FLL team!

The rookie CyberKnights FLL team 8142 finished 4th today in their very first match!


11/9 - The CyberDaze Live!

The CyberKnights have sponsored and formed a new FTC team! Team 4590, the King's CyberDaze have hit the ground running and are hard at work building their bot. Go CyberDaze!

Now, just in case you didn't get it ... the CyberNIGHTS and the CyberDAYS. :)

11/6 - BC Trip Paperwork Packet

BC trip paperwork packet.

11/5 - Change to regional qualifier schedule

Please note that the Dec 18th WA Regional has been cancelled by FIRSTWA due to scheduling conflicts.

10/31 - Meeting schedule for week of Nov 1

We WILL be meeting on Thursday Nov 4 from 10am to 4pm!

10/22 - A nice, clear baton explanation!

A very clear explanation of the intent of baton possession rules.

10/14 - Thanks Parents!

A special thanks to the team parents for the wonder snack meals provided each day for the team build sessions. It really is making a difference!

9/11 - The challenge is announced: "Get Over It!"

Click here for game manual, rules, field drawings, video, etc.

9/7 - Season Kickoff Event

We'll meet at school at 7am. The event is over at 2pm, so we hope to be back at school by 3pm.

Bring $5 for food - they are serving lunch at the event.

For more information, visit the FIRST Wa site.

8/23 - Team Practices Start

We will be meeting every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from now on.

We will also start meeting every Saturday in September.

8/23 - How to stay in touch...

Everyone must:

  • Follow the team Twitter account (if you have a cell phone) ... directions here.
  • Follow the team Facebook group: King's Robotics Team - CYBERKNIGHTS #3717

8/12 - Sat FTC Event

If you are coming to the Saturday Aug 14th FTC event you need to bring a signed consent form.

Please let Mr. T know whether or not you can make it.

8/4 - Sign up for FTC event!

Saturday Aug 14 there is going to be practice FTC event to try-out the new Samantha WiFi replacement for Blue Tooth. The event will also be filmed as a training tool for other FTC teams.

Sign up here and let Mr. T know if you are going. Mr. T has registered the team, but everyone that is going needs to register as an individual for shirt size, head-count, etc.

Service hours are available!

8/4 - Summer fun!

We (Emmett and Mr. T) got the basics of PID algorithms figured out. We made a very accurate line follower and a wall follower.

We also have a first pass at a Segway bot working using a light sensor. We have a gyro sensor on order which will make the Segway much better.

Sorry about the audio ... it is borked

8/4 - World Championship Bot Gallery!

Check this out! A catalog of many bots from the world championship...very cool!

I don't know how bots got into this gallery

6/3 - Vote for FIRST!

Follow this link and vote for FIRST to win the Pitney Bowes anniversary donation of $9000!

5/28 - Engineering Notebooks...

engineering notebook humor

5/22 - Welcome!

Welcome to our new team members:

  • Jake Delaney
  • Danny Helms
  • Win Lessley
  • Josh Pearson
  • Jennifer Tafflin

We'll have a welcome party at Mr. T's, Saturday June 5 from 4:30pm till about midnight!

5/19 - Starting an FLL team!

We're starting an FLL team in the junior high next year!

Faith and Natalie will be leaving our FTC team to coach the new FLL team.

Stay tuned for more information.

3/3 - Team twitter account

We have a team twitter account: team3717.

This will allow me to quickly text information to the team.

Using these directions please sign-up, follow team3717, and set your cellphone to get twitter texts.

Top 20 at the World Championship!

We finished in the top 20 out of 1,100 FTC teams world-wide!

Washington State Champs!

We won!!! What more needs be said? :)

Click the Photos link above to see more photos of the day.

The new bot

5/3 - Waiting to rebuild the bot...

Once the UPS claims agent examines the bot, we start putting it back together!

4/8 - New information! Read these!

4/5 - Last minute reminders

  • You must get all signed paperwork to me absolutely no later than end of school Monday 4/12!
    • You will not be able to travel with us if you don't!
  • We still have important things to complete this week!
    1. Finish the BOM
    2. Finalize the Engineering Notebook
    3. Finish team slideshow movie
    4. Know the rules!
  • You will need to bring enough money for:
    • 3 lunches
    • 6 dinners
    • plus whatever other spending money you need

4/4 - Team roles for Atlanta

  • Primary drive team:
    • Faith Gleason (Captain)
    • Emmett Lam (Driver)
    • Kevin Pringle (Driver)
  • Pit crew:
    • Natalie (Captain)
    • Emmett Lam
    • Faith Gleason
    • Jack Kim
  • Scouting team:
    • Randall Ersoz (Captain)
    • John Bjorge
    • Kevin Pringle
    • Kaysee-Li Tomkins (Data entry)
  • Runner:
    • Ryan Printz

3/5 - Schedule information

Click the Schedule link in the link bar above and review your responsibilities and deadlines.

Let me know if I've missed anything.

Basic task assignments for week of March 8th:

  • Emmett - get shutter working & port SW
  • Randall - fabricate side/rear shields
  • Jack - recut & assemble final hopper
  • Kevin - flap brace holders & practice field
  • John - materials budget and failure analysis
  • Natalie - finalize CAD & BOM
  • Kaysee-Li - practice field & booth
  • Faith - t-shirt & bot lettering design
  • Ryan - practice field

3/2 - Vote for bot color

Follow this link to see how the bot will look with some of the available colors from Seattle Powder Coat. Click on a picture to see a larger version of it. Text me to let me know which you prefer.

3/1 update

Lots of progress ... we're almost there!.

Here is a list of tasks and responsibilities for the week:

  • Kevin & Kaysee-Li: (ball pickup)
    1. Cut, mold and mount front shield (0.093 polycarb).
    2. Figure out how to attach ball pickup back shield material flap to hopper.
      • Fabricate final versions of flap brace holders
    3. Cut and mount ball pickup side shields.
      • Trim 1" off length of middle tab (improves materials budget
    4. Construct a legit jack-stand.
    5. Make our pit area a center of goodness and coolness...banner, displays, etc.
    6. Team buttons to pass out at the event?
  • Randall & Ryan: (chassis & main bot shielding)
    1. Cut, mold and mount lower aluminum side/rear shield (0.065 aluminum).
      • Temporarily drill and mount current rear shield
      • Remanufacture final rear shield
    2. Cut/trim excess channel parts.
    3. Chain tensioning.
    4. Quick disassembly expert ... figure out how to pull parts of bots during meet to retighten all fasteners.
    5. Overall responsibility for bot sizing ... fit in 18"x18"x18" box.
  • John: (shooter & materials budget)
    1. Redesign and assemble shooter wheels using long 250mm axles.
    2. Improve shooter subassembly stability (support ties to main frame).
    3. Materials budget expert: area calculations on all plastics & aluminum.
    4. Failure analysis.
  • Emmett & Natalie: (software & motor controllers)
    1. Mount motor controllers, battery and brick.
      • Better place for battery?
    2. Cleanup and hide cable and wire runs (run inside channels whenever possible).
    3. Port 1st bot software to 2nd bot.
    4. Autonomous mode improvements?
  • Natalie: (CAD)
    1. Robot BOM (Bill of materials)
    2. Modify customized TETRIX parts (side shield stand-off tubes for instance)
    3. Fabricate shields in PTC?
  • Jack: (hopper)
    1. Hopper drawings, part cutting and assembly (working with Mr. Pringle).
      • Middle divider too tall? (bowing top ramp)
      • Finalize mounting
      • Recut top ramp, ball exit guide, polycarb lower ramps
      • Additional bracing
      • Glue and final assembly
    2. Ball exit ramp and guides (double as side shield?).
      • Mount ball guide
    3. Mount ball-release shutter.
  • Faith: (t-shirt, bot art, software)
    1. Busy with drama commitment.
    2. T-shirt redesign.
    3. Bot labeling and number sign.
      • We love the Battlestar Galactica font!
    4. Software help as you are available.

2/20 update - This is it ... make it happen week

The robot will be running by Saturday. We will be working every day this week and expect a long day on Saturday. Unless a miracle occurs, we won't be able to go the Feb 27th event.

1/21 update

  • Build session at this Saturday 1/23 at Microsoft. We'll leave school together at 9:30am.

1/11 update

  • We will be having a build session at Microsoft this coming Saturday 1/16. Leave school together at 9:30am.
  • There will be a FTC scrimmage event at Cloverpark HS on February 27th ... more info to follow:
    • 10903 Gravelly Lake Drive SW
    • Lakewood, WA 98499

12/21 update

It was cheap ... Randall won off the kind mercies of Kevin

12/8 update

Here is the schedule for the competition day.

We will leave school at 7am.

The opening ceremony is at 12 noon. Parents and fans will want to be there by noon.

11/30 update

T-shirts are ordered.

You owe Mr. T $13.30 per t-shirt. Please bring it in ASAP! :)

11/26 update ... Happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much... ;)

The Washington State competition event has been announced:

Date: Sunday December 13, 2009
Time: 7:30am (will last all day)
Location: Bellevue HS:

10416 Wolverine Way
Bellevue, WA 98004-4622
Maps: Google , Bing

Plan on meeting at King's to car pool, leaving by 7am.

11/16 update

Microsoft lab this Saturday 11/21.

Time: 10am - 4pm
Cost: $2 for lunch

Meet at school at 9:30am to carpool.

11/13 update

Thank you Laird Plastics! Laird Plastics has donated enough PETG and ABS plastic sheets for four teams!

11/12 update

Team Xbot has invited us to join them at the Microsoft lab this Sunday 11/15.
Time: 11am - 5pm
Cost: $2 for lunch (I hear it is pretty good!)


14820 NE 36th St
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Lab #: 425-722-8738
Shop #: 425-722-8743

10/26 update

  • Link to RobotC guides
  • Have a working prototype Tetrix chassis driven by the joystick.

10/17 update

Lots has happened:

  1. New look for the web site ... let Mr. T know what you think about it!
  2. Kaysee-Li is our new Parts and Inventory Manager.
  3. Ryan Printz and Jack Kim are our new Rules Gurus.
  4. Dale Hui has joined the team as a mentor! Welcome Dale!
  5. SW team updates:
    • Selected RobotC as programming language.
    • Have successfully written a test program to drive a Lego taskbot using the joystick!
    • Have successfully written driver for Tetrix testbed.
    • Currently writing SW for Tetrix Mantis driveable chassis.
  6. Mechanical team updates:
    • Working prototype of ball collection mechanism using Lego parts.
    • Built and tested Tetrix testbed.
    • Currently building Tetrix Mantis driveable chassis.

9/17 update

First major task: build a complete, regulation ball chute and release mechanism.

  1. Randall, John and Kevin are going to purchase the parts and build the unit this weekend.
  2. Each team member is to bring $20 to the next team meeting Monday 9/21 for our parts fund.

9/12 update

Here is the 2009 Game Manual and detailed field construction guide and field BOM. Each team member is responsible for clearly understanding the game structure and rules!

9/11 update

We are FTC Team #3717! The Cyber Knights live! Our kit is ordered.

9/10 update

We will be meeting at school at 8:50am to carpool over to the season kick-off event.

9/4 update...

  • There will be a quick parent meeting in the Robotics Lab (rm 128) right after Parent Information Night (PIN) this coming Tuesday, Sept 8.
  • Kevin has been voted the team Project Manager - Gratz!
  • Lawson has been elected the team Website Manager
  • Team name: Cyberknights

9/2 update...

  • The team is formed!
  • The FTC season kick-off event is Sept 12th!
  • Ryan has been elected the team PR lead.
  • There will be a mandatory meeting of all Robotics Team members Friday 9/4 after school in the lab. See you there!

Team name ideas

  • Super Servos - 0
  • Cyberknights - 7
  • Roboknights - 1

Our to-do list

  • Due 9/10:
    • Randall: research idea of selling microbots at school to raise $$
    • Kevin: contact Ms. Gonzalez regarding selling suckers at school
    • Ryan: research selling t-shirts/merchandise on
    • Continue fundraising brainstorming
    • Corporate donations? (Boeing, etc)
    • Pound the pavement: Shoreline business support?
  • Future:
    • design team T-shirt